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Home » Tesla’s Model S Plaid with Track Package Sets New Lap Record at Nürburgring

Tesla’s Model S Plaid with Track Package Sets New Lap Record at Nürburgring

Tesla Model S Plaid

Has Tesla done it again? You betcha. The new Model S Plaid equipped with the track pack option just demolished the lap record for production EVs at Nürburgring, crushing the previous record held by Porsche’s Taycan Turbo S by over 8 freakin’ seconds.

The souped-up Model S Plaid clocked a lap time of 7 minutes and 25 seconds flat, wiping the floor with supercars like the Ferrari Enzo and Mercedes’ SLS AMG Black Series. Last August, Porsche bragged that their Taycan Turbo S had nabbed the record from Tesla with a time of 7 minutes and 33 seconds. Well, that didn’t last long, now did it? Tesla came back with a vengeance to reclaim their crown in spectacular fashion.

Not only that, but Tesla smartly ditched that weird Yoke steering wheel they’ve been pushing in favor of a normal round wheel for this record run. Clearly, they know a standard wheel is safer for track driving, y’all.

The Specially designed Goodyear Supercar 3R at Tire Rack and Model S Plaid Track Package for Ultimate Performance, for you speed demons out there, includes lightweight Zero-G wheels, those carbon ceramic brakes we mentioned that don’t overheat, a solid one-piece caliper, high-performance brake pads, the good brake fluid, and unlocks the Plaid’s insane 200 mph top speed.

With three electric motors putting out over 1,000 horses, the Tesla Model S Plaid is currently the fastest production EV you can buy, going from 0 to 60 in under 2 seconds flat and getting nearly 400 miles of range.

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