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NIO ET5 Touring Launched Their Sexy EV, Start Globally Delivered with Europe and China


NIO’s been on a roll lately with their ET series models, and their latest addition is gonna make you wanna go for a joyride. The Chinese EV maker just uncovered the NIO ET5 Touring globally model, their first intelligent electric touring car meant for winding roads and open horizons.

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Deliveries of the ET5 Touring start June 16th, with Europe and China, starting price remains the same as the ET5, with a starting MSRP of 298,000 yuan (around $45,000 USD) for the 75kWh model. The fully-loaded 100kWh beast will set ya back 356,000 yuan ($53,000 USD).


The ET5 Touring’s got a liftback design with a sloping rear profile that just screams sporty. Step on the accelerator in this 4,790mm, 360kW of power as the front induction motor and rear permanent magnet motor propel you to 100km/h in a shocking 3.9 seconds. The torque’s out of this world too at 700Nm, meaning you’ll have no trouble passing slowpokes. And with a drag coefficient of only 0.26, this car’s aerodynamically suited for high-speed drives.

Inside, the ET5 Touring’s decked out with an all-digital cockpit, giant central display, and roomy cabin so comfy your passengers will think they’re in a private jet. The rear seats offer nearly 6 feet of legroom, and the trunk’s got up to 1,300 liters of space for any gear you’re bringing along for the journey.

But what makes the ET5 Touring so special? For starters, it’s the world’s first intelligent electric touring car, featuring a full-scenario driving mode with the industry’s richest features, including newly upgraded snow mode, wetland mode, and sand mode. And if you’re looking for a sporty ride, look no further than the ET5 Touring, which is considered the sportiest model in the NIO lineup. It can handle high-speed turns with ease and gives the driver a clear sense of the car’s limits, without excessive leaning or weight transfer.

If you’re looking for extra storage, the car supports optional accessories, such as an electric tow hook, roof luggage box, and roof tent.

When it comes to driver assistance, the ET5 Touring comes with NIO’s NAD tech including 33 sensors like LiDAR, cameras, radar and more. NAD coming soon, will offer high-speed autonomous driving so you can sit back and enjoy the ride. Safety features like emergency braking, blind spot monitoring and lane keeping assist come standard to give you extra peace of mind out on the open road.

NIO’s Super Sensing System, has 33 high-precision sensing hardware components, including one ultra-long-range high-precision LiDAR, seven 8MP HD cameras, four 3MP high-sensitivity surround-view cameras, one enhanced driver perception, five millimeter-wave radars, twelve ultrasonic sensors, two high-precision positioning units, and V2X vehicle-road collaboration perception. The ADAM NIO supercomputer platform is equipped with four NVIDIA DRIVE Orin X chips, with a total computing power of 1,016 TOPS.

What about space? As a touring car, the ET5 Touring’s interior is designed with increased space in mind. The car measures 4790mm in length, 1960mm in width, and 1499mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2888mm and 19-inch/20-inch wheels. The luggage compartment has a regular volume of 450L, with a maximum volume of 1300L. The longitudinal space of the rear seats is 1857mm, and the internal horizontal width of the first and second rows is 1542mm and 1498mm, respectively.

NIO ET5 Touring same as the ET5, with a front 150kW induction motor and rear 210kW permanent magnet/synchronous motor, a total system power of 360kW, peak torque of 700Nm, with an internal 75kWh/100kWh battery, CLTC standard range can reach up to 710km.

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