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Elon Musk Incredibly Excited About Tesla’s Future in India After Meeting With Modi

Musk Plans Bring Tesla to India

Tesla CEO Elon Musk had a “fantastic meeting” with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New York yesterday. Afterward, Musk told reporters he’s “incredibly excited” about Tesla’s future in India. Musk plans to visit the country next year to scope things out. When will Tesla set up shop in India? “As soon as humanly possible,” according to Musk.

Musk raved about the meeting, saying, “It was a fantastic meeting. Modi really cares about India’s future because he’s pushing us to make major investments there, which we fully intend to do.” This was the first face-to-face chat between Tesla and India’s government about establishing a production base in the country.

Last month, Tesla execs visited India to talk with officials about building cars and batteries locally. Musk’s comments show Tesla’s serious about launching in India and investing heavily in the market.

The meeting was a high-level discussion during Modi’s US trip. Musk hinted at an ambitious timeline for Tesla’s India plans, saying the company will enter “as soon as humanly possible.” But realistically, setting up manufacturing will likely take several years.

India is an attractive market for Tesla, with over a billion people and a fast-growing middle class eager to buy premium EVs. India also pushing green vehicles through policy support for EVs and lithium-ion battery manufacturing.

Tesla will face challenges, though, like high import duties, lack of charging infrastructure, and price-conscious consumers. Establishing local production and supply chains will be critical to Tesla’s success.

Musk’s enthusiasm is encouraging, but there’s clearly still a long road ahead for Tesla in India. The company’s goals seem as ambitious as ever. Can Tesla pull off an India launch in record time? All eyes will be on Musk’s trip to India next year to get the latest updates on Tesla’s progress.

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