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Home » Samsung Auto Processor Exynos Auto V920 Takes the Wheel, Heart of Hyundai EV

Samsung Auto Processor Exynos Auto V920 Takes the Wheel, Heart of Hyundai EV

Exynos Auto V920

Samsung new dropped its auto processor, the Exynos Auto V920, and word on the street is that Hyundai’s hopping on board. The new chip is built on a 5nm process and packs a 10-core CPU, AMD graphics, and enough AI muscle for autonomous driving.

The Exynos Auto V920 is set to leave its predecessor in the dust. Samsung claims its new CPU offers a whopping 70% increase in performance over the old Exynos Auto V9. The chip also switches from ARM’s Mali graphics to AMD’s RDNA2, the same architecture in Samsung’s Exynos 2200 smartphone chip. The combo means the V920 can handle up to six high-res displays at once – perfect for loading up drivers and passengers with maps, media, and more.

The V920 also packs a dual-core neural processing unit for 23.1 TOPS of AI performance. That’s enough horsepower for the chip to recognize objects in camera footage in real time, enabling advanced driver assist features and even autonomous driving. Speaking of cameras, the chip supports up to 12 of them simultaneously, with high dynamic range imaging to boot.

Chips also has an embedded security island certified with ASIL-B (Automotive Safety Integrity Level B) to enhance security. The chip supports LPDDR5 DRAM, UFS 3.1 storage, and two 10Gbps 2x USXGMII/SGMII/RGMII Ethernet connections.

On top of that, a new digital signal processor handles audio with three “HiFi 5” cores for crystal clear voice calls and surround sound. And of course, the chip comes with auto-grade security and all the connectivity you’d expect for an in-vehicle system.

Rumor has it Hyundai’s tapping the V920 for their upcoming IVI platform. According to whispers from unnamed insiders in South Korea, Samsung and Hyundai have been collaborating on chips for infotainment, driving assist, connectivity and more since late last year. If the gossip holds true, we could see this beefy new Exynos brain become the heart of Hyundai’s smart cars sooner rather than later.

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