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Home » Tesla Dojo Supercomputer to Kick Off Production in 2023, Set to Radically Advance AI

Tesla Dojo Supercomputer to Kick Off Production in 2023, Set to Radically Advance AI


Tesla’s latest move in the AI space is nothing short of revolutionary. The company is developing the foundational model of its autonomous robot, Dojo, which is set to begin production in July 2023. Dojo is a powerful computing platform that promises to enhance the performance of Tesla’s artificial intelligence products, including autonomous driving and intelligent robots. Custom-built to turbocharge Tesla’s AI tech, we’re talking everything from self-driving smarts to intelligent robots.

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the company’s AI is much more advanced than most experts realize, both in terms of hardware and software. And with the introduction of the Dojo supercomputer, Tesla’s computing power will reach world-leading levels, providing more powerful training support for its AI models.

Tesla's Dojo Supercomputer

Elon Musk: “And will be trained on enormous amounts of compute,” and “And much more than that in cumulative inference compute in vehicle.”

Tesla’s been blazing new trails on the AI front, whipping up next-gen neural networks that can handle multiple data types at once, tech to automatically label data, ways to recreate driving scenarios from fleet info, and systems to imagine the future. The goal? Help Tesla’s autonomous cars and robots get way savvier at navigating messy real-world environments.

Tesla’s AI team also unveiled a chart forecasting the company’s computing power growth over the coming months. If the chart’s anything to go by, Tesla’s computing muscle will hit world-beating levels by January 2024 once Dojo supercomputer production’s in full swing. Come October 2024, we’re talking a mind-blowing 100 exaflops of power, (Tesla AI Power Move at CVPR : Plans to Achieve 100 Exa-Flops by 2024) giving Tesla’s AI models way more firepower.

Dojo’s a concept Tesla’s CEO first floated back in 2020. According to Musk, Dojo would be one of the world’s fastest computers, able to crunch a ton of video data to seriously boost Tesla’s Autopilot self-driving and Full Self-Driving systems. Dojo’s also set to power Tesla’s new robot, Optimus, unveiled this year to take over “dangerous, repetitive and boring” jobs.

Tesla’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI technology is commendable, and the Dojo supercomputer is just the beginning. With advancements in AI happening at an unprecedented pace, we can only imagine what the future holds for Tesla’s AI products and the impact they will have on the world.

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