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Tesla Wireless Charging? Interested buying Wiferion for Wireless Charging Tech

Tesla Wireless Charging

Tesla is making moves again, this time reportedly interested in acquiring Wiferion, a German-based company that specializes in wireless charging technology for a variety of industrial electric vehicles. According to an official registry entry, Tesla seems keen on taking over Wiferion, which has developed an automatic wireless power system that has already served over 100 companies since its inception in 2015.

Last year, Wiferion made its entry into the North American market through a global license agreement with WiTricity, which showcased its wireless charging technology using a Tesla vehicle. This acquisition could be a significant step for Tesla toward advancing its wireless charging devices, as it recently hinted at the release of a wireless charging module during a shareholder meeting earlier this year.

Tesla has been known to acquire companies to foster its projects, including Hibar Systems and Maxwell Technologies in 2019 to assist in developing its battery units produced in various manufacturing locations across California and Texas. This time, the commercial register entry states that the shareholders of Wiferion have notarized their intention to sell their shares to Tesla International B.V. through a purchase agreement.

Founded in 2016, Wiferion has been focused primarily on factory applications, selling around 8,000 charging stations to industrial customers since 2018. However, the company’s founders have always aimed to provide their wireless charging systems for electric cars as well. Wiferion CFO Johannes Mayer was quoted by German newspaper Handelsblatt last year, saying, “The competition, including from China, needs at least three years to be as far along as we are today. Our software with 100,000 lines of code cannot be copied so easily”

It remains to be seen if Tesla’s acquisition of Wiferion will be successful, but it’s clear that the electric car company is excited about the potential of this German-based company’s wireless charging technology.

If this deal goes through, Tesla owners maybe able to charge without plugging in. Wireless charging could make recharging as easy as parking in the garage.

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