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Ford Strikes Back with Price Cuts for EV F-150 Lightning in Response to Tesla’s EV Price War


In a shocker heard ’round the auto world, Ford has significantly dropped prices for all versions of its electric F-150 Lightning pickup, with cuts ranging from $6,000 to $8,500. The base model now starts at a wallet-friendly $43,974 – a huge markdown from its original $52,974.

This lightning bolt of a price cut appears to be Ford’s attempt to jumpstart sales amidst stiffening competition in the red-hot EV truck segment. With upstarts like Rivian winning over customers and Tesla gearing up to enter the pickup wars, Ford is scrambling to stay atop the sales charts with its flagship F-150 franchise.

“We know cost can be a barrier to EV adoption – this price adjustment will allow us to get more customers into an electric vehicle,” said Marin Gjaja, Ford’s Chief Customer Officer. He emphasized that skyrocketing material costs forced Ford to initially price the Lightning higher than anticipated.

The F-150 Lightning has been a hot favorite since its launch, and Ford is committed to transitioning to electric vehicles. The company hopes that this price cut will attract more customers to choose its F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck. Marin Gjaja, saying, “We’ve been working behind the scenes to improve accessibility and affordability to help bring down the cost for our customers and shorten their wait time for the new F-150 Lightning.”

Hitting the brakes on Lightning prices may electrify sales, but not everyone is cheering. Some customers who already bought the truck are seeing red over the markdowns. “I just bought my Lightning last month at full price,” fumed one owner on Reddit. “This stings.” Another owner quipped, “I’ve got buyer’s remorse already and I still love this truck!”

Despite the griping, most agree Ford had to pull the price lever to stay competitive. With federal tax credits, the cost drops even more – to around $37,000 for the base Lightning Pro. That’s secured lightning in a budget-friendly bottle.

The discounts may jolt the Lightning ahead of rivals, letting Ford retain its truck crown – at least until the Tesla Cybertruck storms onto the scene. For now, Ford’s price slash is a thunderbolt in the EV wars, giving truck buyers more reasons to make the electrifying switch.

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