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Tesla V4 Supercharger inclusion of a Bank /Credit card reader Contactless Payment

tesla V4 supercharger

Last week, Tesla rocked the EV charging world with the unveiling of their latest V4 Supercharger at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK. The major highlight of this new model is the inclusion of a credit card reader, which was discovered by Tesla Owners UK during a demonstration at the festival. This exciting new development indicates that future V4 Superchargers will support credit card payments, making it even easier for Tesla owners and non-owners alike to access the company’s expanding charging network.

In the past, Tesla owners have needed to activate the Supercharger network through their app, and neither the V2 nor V3 Superchargers were equipped with any credit card readers. However, with the introduction of the V4 Supercharger, Tesla is taking a big step towards improving the accessibility of its charging network. Soon, EV drivers will be able to simply swipe their credit card to pay for charging, without the need for an app or any special registration.

This new feature is a significant development for Tesla, as they continue to expand their charging network and attract new customers. By introducing credit card payments, Tesla is making it easier for non-Tesla EV owners to use their charging stations, potentially increasing their customer base. Additionally, the credit card reader will be a welcome addition for Tesla owners who may not have their phone or app handy when they need to charge their car.

The Tesla Club Austria also recently tweeted about the V4 Supercharger with a display at the Center West in Graz, further highlighting the company’s commitment to expanding their charging network and making it more accessible to everyone.

This new V4 Supercharger is just hankering for a spin, and we reckon it won’t be long before they’re posted up at stations everywhere.

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