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Home » Audi Charges Ahead With Driving Modes for Electric RS e-tron GT with Unique E-sound System

Audi Charges Ahead With Driving Modes for Electric RS e-tron GT with Unique E-sound System


Audi is putting pedal to the metal on making electric vehicles exciting. The German automaker is hoping to add special driving modes to its pure electric RS models to make up for the lack of engine noise in EVs, according to Audi high-performance line general manager Sebastian Grams.

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In the recently unveiled RS e-tron GT, Audi developed a unique e-sound system with 32 independent tracks and three adjustable modes to create a distinctive sporty sound for the RS e-tron.

Grams spilled the tea that e-sound will be an exclusive feature for the RS electric vehicle models, and Audi’s squad will continue to customize the sound to create even more aggressive sports sounds, similar to the “sound plus” mode.

In addition to sound, Audi also plans to focus on the driving experience. The first batch of RS electric vehicles will use the PPE electric platform developed in collaboration with Porsche. The team believes Audi can achieve better torque and power tuning for electric models than high-performance gasoline vehicles on the PPE platform.

Electrification gives cars the potential for linear speed beyond the limits of gasoline engines and can also improve cornering performance, according to Grams. He revealed new advancements in Audi’s electric technology and stated the Audi high-performance team drew inspiration from the FE Formula E racing car for the cornering performance of the pure electric RS models. The Audi high-performance line general manager believes FE racing represents the integration of the world’s best electric technology, and Audi’s internal team is exploring the possibility of using FE electric patents to redesign Quattro.


Audi has released a list of the first batch of high-performance pure electric vehicles. The A6 E-tron and SUV Q6 E-tron will be the first new models of the RS electrification. After that, Audi will also launch high-performance pure electric versions of the A4, A5, A6, and A7.

It’s worth mentioning Audi is attempting to introduce racing technology into road cars. Drawing inspiration from the S1 Hoonitron drift racing car, Audi hopes to bring “drifting” to road cars.

Of course, whether Audi can perfectly replicate the drifting performance of the S1 Hoonitron remains to be seen, but Audi is truly dedicated to the high-performance RS electrification.

Derived from the gasoline era, we will see more differentiated Audi high-performance models on electric RS in the future.

Grams revealing that on average, every three E-tron models sold will result in one RS E-tron GT being sold, which far exceeds Audi’s internal expectations for the popularity of the RS electric vehicle models.

With the success of the RS e-tron, Audi believes they have enough resources to work on the electrification of the high-performance line. Grams further stated Audi’s internal team firmly believes electrification will have a positive impact on high-performance vehicle models.