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2024 Q6 e-tron – Test Drive Audi’s Electric SUV of the Future


Audi is giving EV early adopters a tantalizing taste of what’s to come by offering up test drives of their revolutionary Q6 and Q6 e-tron prototypes on the roads of the Faroe Islands.

The German automaker has been generating major buzz with the Q6 e-tron, their first pure electric SUV built on Porsche’s cutting-edge PPE platform. Slated for release later this year, the Q6 e-tron aims to electrify Audi’s SUV lineup with its sporty performance and ample 373 mile range.

Two flavors of e-tron will be available: the 375 hp 55 e-tron and the more powerful 509 hp SQ6 e-tron, which can rocket from 0-60 mph in a head-snapping 4.5 seconds. Both pack a 100 kWh battery and dual motor powertrain punched up with 800V fast-charging.

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Lucky test drivers in the Faroe Islands say Audi’s dynamic e-tron duo feel firmly planted yet eager with their low center of gravity and optional air suspension. The SQ6 e-tron prototype practically dares you to push it harder with its tenacious cornering and grin-inducing acceleration.

While the Q6 e-tron’s sleek, closed grille design aligns with Audi’s new electric face, make no mistake – this cutting-edge SUV means business. Adaptive cruise control, 21-inch wheels, split headlights, and a distinctive waistline announce the Q6’s sporting intentions.

Offering a tantalizing preview before the Q6 e-tron’s official launch, Audi’s test drive program lets EV fans experience the future of electric driving today. With its progressive design and performance, the Q6 e-tron is poised to charge up Audi’s electrified future.

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