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Flipping Out Over Tianma’s Wild New 3-Fold OLED Car Screen


Remember flipping through CD binders back in the day, eagerly awaiting the moment your favorite track’s jewel case popped up? Well, Tianma’s bringing that tactile thrill to your car’s center console with their groundbreaking new 3-fold OLED display.

Unveiled recently at SID Display Week, this 9.94” automotive screen folds not once but twice, allowing drivers to custom-orient it for maps, media, or vehicle data as needed. Tianma says the tri-fold design lets users adjust viewing angles on the fly to suit their preferences. So wave goodbye to craning your neck sideways to see Waze and say hello to putting your content where you want it.

Built using Tianma’s CUP tech, the screen seamlessly blends display and under-panel camera areas. This not only maximizes the display’s footprint but also enables integrated driver monitoring features to enhance safety, per Tianma.

And while being able to flip through your maps and playlists lights up your lizard brain, Tianma’s new screen brings innovation to its core tech too. It utilizes the company’s next-gen CFOT (that’s Color Filter On TFT) touchscreen layer which Tianma claims slashes power consumption by over 20% compared to traditional OLED polarizing films.

CFOT also widens the color gamut substantially versus existing OLEDs, delivering over 15% greater NTSC coverage for enhanced color purity. Plus, Tianma’s HTD tech enables intelligent refresh rate switching to balance smooth visuals and battery savings.

For now the 3-fold concept remains just that, with no word on actual production cars getting this funky flip-style interface. But with screens increasingly becoming the center focus of modern car cabins, innovations like Tianma’s hint at even more creative human-machine interfaces on the horizon.

So while we impatiently await the day tri-fold OLEDs hit dealerships, at least we’ve got Tianma’s novel take on in-car displays to flip over for now. Even if long road trips make us want to literally flip our lid sometimes, this tech still rocks.

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