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Tesla Unveils Next-Gen V4 Superchargers with Faster Charging and Credit Card Readers

tesla V4 supercharger

Tesla’s next evolution of EV charging infrastructure is here with the new V4 Supercharger that promises lighting-fast charging speeds and expanded payment options beyond Tesla owners.

According to planning documents filed in Swindon, UK, Tesla’s V4 Supercharger stations will pump out a blazing 350 kW of power and include handy side displays and credit card readers for the first time.


The groundbreaking new V4 Supercharger design also boasts longer 290 cm charging cables to make juicing up easier for non-Tesla EVs. Compared to the previous V3 Supercharger, Tesla says the V4 delivers a head-spinning 40% faster charging that can add 168 km of range in just 5 minutes.

Tesla gave EV enthusiasts a sneak peek at the new V4 Supercharger at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK recently. Eagle-eyed Tesla Owners UK spotted the credit card readers and payment screens showing charging fees, (Tesla V4 Supercharger inclusion of a Bank /Credit card reader Contactless Payment) signaling support for credit card payments is likely coming soon.

Access to Tesla’s Supercharger network currently requires activation through the Tesla app, and neither the older V2 or V3 Superchargers have card readers installed. Opening up credit card payments would further expand the accessibility of Tesla’s industry-leading fast charging network beyond Tesla vehicle owners.

With game-changing 350 kW charging power, longer cables, and expanded payment options, Tesla’s new V4 Supercharger looks poised to set the new gold standard for EV charging infrastructure. The upgrades reinforce Tesla’s leadership in providing the fastest and most advanced charging experience as EVs continue their remarkable rise.

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