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Home » 2024 Macan EV spy: dual motors delivering up 600 hp and rear-wheel steering Electric SUV Beast!

2024 Macan EV spy: dual motors delivering up 600 hp and rear-wheel steering Electric SUV Beast!


Porsche finally let its guard down and sent the upcoming Macan EV out for some testing au naturel. Previous sightings showed the electric SUV slathered in camouflage, but this time it rolled through the streets wearing nary a strip of swathe.

2024 Porsche Macan EV Teased Alongside Electric Speedboat

While the Macan EV remains partially under wraps, this sneak peek reveals more of the stylistic direction Porsche is taking with its first battery-powered crossover. Up front, the headlights look remarkably similar to the units on the Taycan EV with their slim,Horizontal LED strips. The front fascia differs drastically from the gas-powered Macan with its rounded edges and gaping intakes.


In profile, the Macan EV hews closely to the sloping silhouette of its gas-powered sibling. Our eyes lingered on the sporty roofline flowing back into muscular haunches. Previously spied testers drove around with fake exhaust outlets under the rear bumper, but this proud prototype let its smooth rump fly free.

Out back, the Macan EV sports a full-width LED taillight strip. The lower bumper looks clean without any exhaust pipes mucking up the view. Active aerodynamics will likely make an appearance judging by earlier photos showing a rear wing popping up.

While beauty remains subjective, to our eyes, the electric Macan oozes sensuous curves in all the right places. Of course, performance counts more than smoldering looks for Porsche fanatics. On that front, the Macan EV won’t disappoint with around 600 electrified horses galloping from its dual motors.

As mentioned before, the Macan EV is expected to hit the market in 2024. Reports suggest that the top-tier Turbo trims will be the first to grace the streets, boasting a dual electric motor setup that churns out a jaw-dropping 600 horsepower. Lower-output variants, offering a more budget-friendly option, are anticipated to follow suit. To further enhance its performance, torque vectoring and four-wheel steering are also on the menu, with these photos seemingly confirming the latter as the rear wheels subtly turn opposite to the fronts. Additionally, the Macan EV will feature an 800-volt battery architecture capable of rapid DC fast-charging and a well-balanced weight distribution.

With the Macan EV shedding its disguise and tantalizing us with its impressive specs, all eyes are on Porsche as they prepare to unleash this electrifying SUV beast. Will it have that NACS charging, capturing the hearts of electric vehicle enthusiasts?

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