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Home » Tesla has launched an all-new Standard Range Model S and Model X

Tesla has launched an all-new Standard Range Model S and Model X

Standard Range Model S and Model X

Big news in Tesla land – the EV maker just rolled out some new Standard Range options for the Model S and Model X.

Now before you get too pumped, keep in mind these new models aren’t going to have the crazy 350+ mile ranges of the souped up Long Range versions. But they definitely carry more affordable price tags.

The Standard Range Model S starts at $78,490 and can hit 60 mph in a zippy 3.7 seconds. Not too shabby! Range clocks in around 320 miles on a single charge.

Tesla Model S Plaid

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Meanwhile, the Model X Standard Range rings up at $88,490 and does 0-60 in 4.4 seconds. It tops out around 269 miles of range.

So basically with these new Standard Range offerings you’re trading some power and extended range for a lower cost of entry into the Tesla family. Not a bad play for folks who don’t need to drive halfway across the country every day.

Now here’s something interesting – Tesla hasn’t really advertised these new options. They kinda just sneaked them onto the website without much fanfare.

Makes me wonder if they’re trying not to cannibalize sales of the souped up Long Range too much. Or maybe they just wanted to offer a slightly more accessible version without a big splashy announcement.

Either way, it’ll be fascinating to see if these new Standard Range models actually move the needle on Tesla’s sales. Could be a smart play to pull in buyers who find the six-figure price tags on the higher end models too steep.

What do you think – would you roll with one of the new Standard Range Teslas to save some cash? Or do you need alll the power and extended range the pricier models offer? Hit me up on Twitter @gearmusk and let me know!

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