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Elon Musk Demands “Perfectionism” in Tesla Cybertruck Part Quality After Test Drive

Elon musk drive Cybertruck

Fresh off a test drive of the upcoming Cybertruck, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is cracking the whip on part quality and precision for the highly anticipated pickup.

In an email to employees, Musk stressed the Cybertruck’s distinct angular exterior demands extraordinarily tight tolerances. He stated parts must meet precision levels down to “single-digit micrometers”.

Musk urged that if everyday products like Lego blocks and soda cans can achieve such precision, so too can Tesla. He plainly called for “perfectionism” in the Cybertruck’s components.

Tesla Cybertruck

The urgency stems from Musk recently test driving a Cybertruck production prototype at Gigafactory Texas. Musk later tweeted the Cybertruck is Tesla’s “best product ever”.

But he knows the electric truck’s radical design leaves no room for sloppy craftsmanship. Panel gaps or body parts even slightly misaligned would stick out like a sore thumb.

This isn’t Tesla’s first rodeo with highly scrutinized build quality. But Musk aims to exceed all expectations with the Cybertruck, making it a showcase of manufacturing excellence.

Achieving series production will be no easy task, however. As Musk stated, “it is an extremely difficult product to build. We are in uncharted territory”.

With nearly 2 million reservations to potentially fulfill, (Tesla Cybertruck Orders Surpass 1.9 Million, Generating $200 Million Pre-Order Revenue), the pressure is on. While Musk demands perfection, balancing quality with efficient output at scale will be an immense challenge.

But if Tesla can stick the landing, the Tesla Cybertruck could go down as an icon of auto manufacturing for the ages. The countdown is on as we approach its long-awaited release.

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