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Home » Samsung Showcases Futuristic Circular OLED Display in 2024 MINI Cooper EV Concept

Samsung Showcases Futuristic Circular OLED Display in 2024 MINI Cooper EV Concept

Samsung Circular OLED display in MINI Cooper EV

Samsung Display has partnered with automaker MINI to exhibit an innovative 9.45-inch circular OLED display, futuristic infotainment display is a centerpiece of the new MINI Cooper SE electric concept vehicle unveiled at the Cologne Exhibition in Germany.

OLED display is an industry-first for an infotainment system, Samsung touts the circular shape and OLED technology as delivering new levels of design freedom and immersion.

Powering the concept EV’s infotainment is MINI’s new Operating System 9. It encompasses features like multimedia, navigation, climate controls, and voice assistance. The OS also enables 5G connectivity, GPS, and OTA updates.

In MINI’s on-site “Incubator” display tower, Samsung showed off the circular OLED screen alongside ten additional OLED panels. This highlighted the technology’s versatility across cockpit configurations.

As vehicles become more digitally integrated, advanced display tech is critical. OLEDs bring key advantages like slimmer designs, higher brightness, and pixel-perfect blacks.

Samsung Display’s collaboration with an iconic automotive brand like MINI underscores OLED’s potential in next-gen electric cars, (2024 – 2025 MINI Cooper EV 9.44-inch circular OLED Display Brings Futuristic Features to the Road). More automakers may follow MINI’s lead in adopting OLED screens to create distinctive, futuristic interiors.

2024 -2025 Mini Cooper Electric

Expect to see more stunning OLED implementations as concept EVs push the boundaries of interior design. With Samsung’s manufacturing might, the technology could soon permeate production vehicles.

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