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Home » 2024 – 2025 MINI Cooper EV 9.44-inch circular OLED Display Brings Futuristic Features to the Road

2024 – 2025 MINI Cooper EV 9.44-inch circular OLED Display Brings Futuristic Features to the Road

2024 -2025 Mini Cooper Electric

MINI’s fixing to rustle some jimmies with the gnarly interior details of their new all-electric whip, the 2024 MINI COOPER EV. The main hoedown revolves around the groovy circular central display that’s the end all be all of screens.

2024-2025 Mini Cooper Electric, Goes Retro Electric of a Button-Filled Dashboard

According to MINI, the 9.44-inch circular doohickey is the first of its kind to use OLED technology and will be equipped with the MINI Operating System 9 that BMW cooked up based on the AOSP open-source project.

2024 -2025 Mini Cooper Electric

The new jalopy gives the heave-ho to the old-fashioned instrument panel and replaces it with a HUD heads-up display. Plus, the circular central screen can provide charge optimization, route planning, 3D maps, 5G connectivity and AI-powered whatsits and doodads. The infotainment system offers three “experience modes”: Core, Green, and Go-Kart for all you speed demons. From the official pictures, it looks like this central display has more themes than a poodle skirt factory, emphasizing customization up the wazoo.

On the voice assistant front, MINI whipped up their latest in-car system called “Spike” that lets you control navigation, phone, radio and A/C by yelling at it. The new whip will also support OTA remote upgrades and offer various apps for download like kart racing games and Spotify music app.

MINI claims the new car will have “far out” sound including simulated sounds inside and out, custom effects for the experience modes, and 30 warning sounds so you know what in tarnation’s going on.

The new 2024 MINI COOPER EV is fixing to drop next years.

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