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Home » GM Partners With Google AI chatbot to handle simple OnStar calls in Vehicles

GM Partners With Google AI chatbot to handle simple OnStar calls in Vehicles

GM and Google AI chatbot to handle simple OnStar calls

General Motors (GM) announced it is teaming up with Google to investigate opportunities for leveraging artificial intelligence in future vehicles. The collaboration aims to enhance in-car experiences through AI-enabled features and services.

According to a statement on GM’s website, the partnership with Google Cloud will focus on “broader collaboration” around generative AI. This follows previous work together on GM’s OnStar calls Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA).

The OnStar IVA system already utilizes Google’s natural language processing algorithms to understand driver requests and queries. It can provide navigation assistance, point-of-interest searches, and more.

GM Vice President Mike Abbott said AI has huge potential to “completely transform the in-car and out-of-car experience.” He emphasized that GM’s software-focused strategy will accelerate the rollout of new AI-powered offerings.

The Google partnership provides GM with leading technology and talent in artificial intelligence research. With Google’s help, GM aims to develop conversational AI and more human-like interactions between drivers and vehicles.

Other automakers are also exploring relationships with big tech firms around AI integration. In June, Mercedes-Benz announced a collaboration with Microsoft to bring enhanced voice controls leveraging Azure AI to Mercedes vehicles.

As cars become more software-defined, expect more automaker and tech industry team-ups to fuse AI, cloud computing, and autonomous driving advancements. GM’s latest move signals it wants to be at the forefront of making AI a core element of next-gen mobility experiences.

With the auto industry trending towards an all-electric and software-centric future, GM’s strategic partnership with Google helps position it to fully capitalize on the upcoming AI revolution in transportation.

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