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Home » Tesla New Refreshed Model 3 Design, Price, SPECS Performance and EPA estimated range

Tesla New Refreshed Model 3 Design, Price, SPECS Performance and EPA estimated range

Tesla Refreshed Model 3

Tesla has pulled the wraps off a heavily updated Model 3 that demonstrates the company’s continued commitment to improving its mass-market electric sedan. The refreshed Model 3 gives the entire car a slick makeover inside and out, while also boosting range, performance, comfort and high-tech features.

Tesla Unveils Sleek New Model 3 “Highland” Design and Major Upgrades

New Design for Refreshed Tesla Model 3

According to Elon Musk, Tesla redesigned or replaced nearly 50% of the Model 3’s components for this ground-up overhaul. The changes start with the exterior styling, which has been smoothed out all around for enhanced aerodynamics. The front end ditches the previous pronounced grille for a nearly enclosed fascia highlighting the Tesla logo. The headlights are slimmer with a sleek horizontal theme and sequential turn signals.

Tesla refreshed Model 3

Around back, the tail lights have been stretched to run the full width of the trunk, meeting in the middle beneath the discreet trunk lid spoiler. The Tesla badge replaces the prominent rear logo. These styling tweaks help drop the drag coefficient to 0.219 Cd, an 8% improvement that directly translates to extended range.

The Model 3’s interior has been completely transformed using more premium materials and finishing throughout. The minimalist dashboard now incorporates textured and woven surfaces with real metal accents on the handles and trim pieces. The seats are clad in softer, higher-quality synthetic leather.

Tesla added multicolor ambient lighting extending from the dash to the rear doors, allowing customers to configure a customized interior mood lighting color scheme. The 15-inch center touchscreen is now brighter with less bezel area and improved responsiveness.

Tesla refreshed Model 3

Both the front and rear seats are heated, while ventilation has been added to the front seats to keep occupants cooler on hot days. The steering wheel was redesigned to incorporate the turn signal and wiper stalk functions, along with buttons for the horn, voice commands, driver profiles and more.

Tesla refreshed Model 3

One of the biggest interior upgrades is the addition of an 8-inch rear touchscreen display mounted between the front seats. Rear passengers can easily control climate settings, access entertainment, and adjust seat heating and ventilation. Up to two wireless headsets can connect to the screen simultaneously.

Tesla refreshed Model 3

Tesla engineers focused extensively on enhancing the noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) characteristics of the refreshed Model 3. Acoustic laminated glass has been extended to the rear windows and backlight. Additional sound deadening materials, improved door sealing, new suspension bushings, and even a tuned “door thunk” sound contribute to a cabin that’s 20-30% quieter according to Tesla.

Ride and handling also received a boost thanks to revised suspension geometry with new springs, dampers, subframes and bushings. Low rolling resistance tires and new wheel designs round out the chassis upgrades. Tesla claims the steering is more responsive, while ride quality has been smoothed out.

The dual motor Performance version due later this year promises to build on these dynamics improvements with even quicker acceleration and grip. Tesla has not yet revealed output specs, but the current Model 3 Performance rips from 0-60 mph in just 3.1 seconds.

With the exterior refinements and lower drag, Tesla managed to push the rear-wheel drive Model 3’s maximum EPA range to a segment-leading 423 miles on a full charge. That’s a whopping 70 mile increase over the previous 353 mile rating. The Long Range model’s efficiency now checks in at 131 MPGe combined.

Drivetrain upgrades are matched by improvements to the Model 3’s tech features. The audio system has been overhauled with two amps, 17 total speakers including subwoofers, and immersive surround sound. Noise cancelling microphones were added to all four doors to enable clearer phone calls.

Tesla also upgraded the Model 3’s Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity for faster pairing and downloads. There are now four USB-C ports, including a 65W charger in the front console capable of juicing up a laptop. Wireless phone charging remains available as well.

Probably the most controversial change for current Model 3 owners will be the replacement of the turn signal and gear stalks with touch sensitive buttons on the steering wheel and center console. However, the change cleans up the minimalist interior design and should become second nature over time.

New Refreshed Model 3 Price

With its refreshed design, luxury interior appointments, leading connectivity and infotainment tech, and up to 423 miles of emissions-free driving range, Tesla’s updated Model 3 raises the bar in the EV segment while carrying a starting price under $47,000.

The revamped electric sedan is available to order now with initial deliveries headed to Chinese customers first later this quarter. As competition heats up from brands like Polestar, Lucid, and Mercedes-Benz, the new Model 3 aims to maintain its spot as the best-selling EV on the market thanks to Tesla’s relentless innovation.

This major refresh just 7 years after the original new Model 3 launch proves Tesla is continuing to rapidly iterate and improve its vehicles via over-the-air software updates and clean-sheet redesigns. With the Tesla Cybertruck production along with new factories ramping up in Mexico, Tesla’s mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy seems to be accelerating as well.

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