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Major Chinese e-commerce platform is reportedly preparing to launch Tesla car ordering on its site, allowing customers to place deposits and complete purchases online.

According to reports, will soon enable consumers to place deposits and orders for Tesla vehicles directly via its site and apps.

As China’s largest online retailer with over 300 million customers, sells everything from apparel to groceries. Adding Tesla would significantly expand its automobile offerings.

Currently, Tesla only allows online orders through its official website and mobile app in China. Customers have to put down a 1,000 RMB deposit for Model 3 and Model Y or 8,000 RMB for Model S and Model X.

Tesla then prioritizes building the vehicles based on the order sequence before delivery. This direct sales approach differs from traditional dealership models in the country.

The automaker has over 300 stores for sales and test drives plus hundreds of additional centers for delivery and servicing across China. But no capability yet for purchasing through major third-party online platforms.

Allowing orders via would enable Tesla to tap into the retailer’s vast existing customer base and online traffic. However, it would represent a shift away from Tesla’s preferred direct sales model.

For now, details remain scarce and rollout timelines unclear. Tesla’s current flagship store only sells accessories and merchandise. Yet the reported plans may suggest a deepening partnership.

If Tesla does expand online ordering in China through, it could significantly boost its sales capacity in this crucial EV market. While challenging Tesla’s sales orthodoxy at the same time.

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