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Tesla Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Enrolled 244 households in San Diego

Tesla VVP

Tesla’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP) initiative in California continues gaining momentum based on recent participant data. As shared by Tesla owner Nick, the VPP has already enrolled 244 households in San Diego.

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The Tesla app allows Powerwall and solar owners in California to join the VPP program. Participants can store surplus solar energy in their Powerwalls for later household use or EV charging. Stored energy can also be shared back to the grid during peak demand times.

Tesla VVP

According to LastBulb’s tally in late July, around 7,700 California households across PG&E and SoCal Edison territories had enrolled. PG&E accounted for 5,681 sign-ups, while SoCal Edison had 2,046.

San Diego Gas & Electric only kicked off its VPP implementation with Tesla in August. In the first month alone, 244 San Diego customers have joined.

As California’s grid faces reliability challenges, Tesla’s VPP provides a valuable source of dispatchable capacity. With nearly 8,000 households enrolled statewide so far, the distributed virtual power plant is gaining momentum.

More Powerwall owners will likely participate as utilities expand programs and awareness grows. Tesla’s VPP offers homeowners new ways to get value from their solar+storage systems while supporting grid stability.

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