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Tesla Powerwall 3 officially on Website With Integrated Solar and More Backup Power


Tesla has officially taken the wraps off the highly anticipated Powerwall 3 residential battery, check it on Tesla page. The updated model boasts an integrated solar inverter, increased backup power capacity, and improved resilience.

Tesla Begins Installs of Powerwall 3 With Integrated Inverter

As previewed on Tesla’s website, Powerwall 3 retains the same 13.5 kWh energy storage capacity as Powerwall 2 but adds more output capabilities. It can now deliver 11.5 kW of continuous power, a 64% increase over its 7kW predecessor.

Tesla also integrated a solar inverter directly into Powerwall 3, allowing solar panels to connect directly without a separate inverter, improves efficiency and simplifies installs. Powerwall 3 supports up to 6 solar array inputs, up from just 4 inputs on Powerwall 2.

For resilience, Tesla states the new PW3 is flood-proof up to over 2 feet of water. At 287 lbs, it’s also 16% lighter than the previous generation. New mounting brackets speed up installation.

Powerwall 3 features modular expansion capabilities to scale up capacity over time as needed. Tesla says up to 4 additional units can be added to a single system for over 40 kWh of total storage.

A new glowing Tesla logo adorns the updated design on the front facade, adding some aesthetic flair. Dimensionally, Powerwall 3 measures 43.25 x 24 x 7.6 inches.


Tesla lists a 2024 availability target for first Powerwall 3 deliveries. With enhanced power delivery and seamless solar integration, Powerwall 3 promises to be the most capable home energy storage solution yet from Tesla Energy.

The increased backup capacity will provide homeowners greater energy resiliency and independence, the solar integration will allow households to optimize solar self-consumption while maintaining grid harmony.

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