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Tesla Launches Developer API, Opens Door for Third Party App Innovation


Tesla has released a new Developer API, providing approved third parties access to integrate with Tesla vehicle systems and data. This paves the way for expanded third party app development leveraging Tesla’s industry-leading technology.

There’s Tesla developer API step by step doc official page, follow the process below to register and get an API key to interact with Tesla’s API endpoints.

Tesla Developer API

The Developer API allows secure linking between the Tesla platform and external apps. With owner permission, third party services can check things like vehicle status, location, charge levels and more. Apps can even enable remote commands like door locks, HVAC temperature, charging control and more – again only with explicit owner approval.

Owners fully control which third party apps are linked to their Tesla account and vehicle. Permissions can be revoked at any time through the Tesla mobile app.

By providing API access, Tesla enables broader innovation built on top of its award-winning technology stack. App developers can leverage Tesla’s market-leading EV infrastructure in creative ways approved owners will love.

This could lead to better third party apps for finding chargers, route planning, vehicle automation and much more. An official Tesla app store may also be in the works to distribute approved third party apps.

The Developer API has enthusiasts excited for the new integrations and services the creative community can dream up. Everything from Apple Watch apps to voice assistants could tap into theAPI capabilities.

As the leader in EVs and autonomy, Tesla’s technology capabilities are unmatched. Opening up approved API access will only accelerate innovation in areas like charging, automation, entertainment and productivity.

The new Developer API demonstrates Tesla’s strategy of providing a next-generation vehicle platform. By allowing third party apps to plug into its advanced systems, Tesla promises to keep delivering the most seamless, futuristic EV experience.

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