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Tesla Launches $150 CyberBeer Set and $50 CyberOpener to Sate Cybertruck Hype

CyberBeer + CyberStein

Capitalizing on anticipation for the futuristic Cybertruck, Tesla has released some limited-edition merchandise inspired by the angular electric pickup. New items include a $150 CyberBeer and CyberStein set, as well as a $50 stainless steel CyberOpener bottle opener.


The CyberBeer package includes two bottles of a custom brew – a Helles Lager made with European Saaz and Hallertau Mittelfruh hops – presented in specially etched Cybertruck-shaped glass bottles. Paired with a matching geometric CyberStein mug, this set aims to bring Cybertruck essence to your next drink.

According to Tesla, the angular bottle and mug designs are meant to “celebrate the exoskeleton of Cybertruck” with its polarized form factor. The etched logos and styling offer a subtle yet sleek tribute to the much-hyped vehicle.

Meanwhile, the hefty CyberOpener bottle opener is CNC-machined from a single block of 316L stainless steel to precisely match Cybertruck’s distinct look in a handheld form. Tesla notes the opener features honed edges and sand polishing for an extra smooth, quality feel.

These specialty products build buzz and offer fans a way to engage with Cybertruck beyond just admiring its radical departure from typical truck styling. The angular conceptual nature of the vehicle lends itself well to Cyberpunk-inspired merch that feels ripped from a sci-fi future.

While merely non-essential novelties for eager reservation holders, the CyberBeer and CyberOpener products stoke excitement as the launch timeline for Cybertruck approaches. Tesla aims to transition interest surrounding the “exoskeleton” aesthetic into sales once production ramps up.

Until then, fans can get a taste through these thoughtfully designed collectibles. The Cybertruck mystique lives on.

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