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Mercedes Conducts World’s First Public Crash Test Between Two EVs EQA and EQS SUV


Mercedes-Benz has conducted the world’s first public frontal offset crash test between two electric vehicles. The test demonstrated the exceptional safety engineered into Mercedes’ EVA platform and battery systems.

Two Mercedes EV SUVs – an EQA and EQS – collided head-on at 56km/h (35mph), with a 50% overlap. This created a severe impact at higher energies than required by regulations.

In the violent crash, both EVs proved their safety systems effective. The rigid passenger safety cells remained intact, allowing the doors to still open after impact. The EVs’ high-voltage batteries also automatically disconnected upon collision.

By using real EVs rather than test sleds, Mercedes replicated an authentic frontal accident scenario. The crashed EQA and EQS experienced heavy front-end deformation, effectively absorbing the kinetic energy.

Mercedes went far beyond Euro NCAP standards, which mandate a 50km/h crash test against a rigid barrier. The company underscored that for its engineers, safety is paramount regardless of powertrain.

This first-of-its-kind EV crash test exhibited exemplary occupant protection. Mercedes extensively validated its EVA platform and batterypacks perform identically to combustion models in collisions.

The company also released a “Safety Symphony” slow-motion video showcasing its safety systems in action. The cinematic footage highlights how Mercedes’ cutting-edge accident mitigation technologies synchronize together.

As EVs enter the mainstream, safety remains a priority focus for Mercedes. The company aims to match its industry-leading reputation for safety as new electric models launch. Rigorous testing like this public frontal EV crash proves Mercedes’ commitment never wavers.

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