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Refreshed Tesla Model Y Deliveries Begin in China

Updated Model Y

Tesla China has kicked off deliveries of an updated Model Y in China, (Tesla Rolls Out Subtle Model Y Updates From Giga Shanghai), subtle yet meaningful changes were made to the interior, exterior, and performance without impacting pricing.

On the inside, the Model Y swaps in a new textile material on the dashboard replacing the prior wood trim. Ambient lighting now surrounds the storage compartments and cup holders, providing a warmer premium aesthetic.

updated Model Y at Giga Shanghai

Externally, the 19-inch Gemini wheels switch from silver to black as the new default wheel option, fresh black Gemini design better complements the Model Y palette of exterior colors.

Tesla also managed to shave 1 second off the rear-wheel drive Model Y’s 0-60 mph time, now rated at 5.9 seconds, this acceleration boost comes courtesy of continuous improvements to Tesla’s vehicle technology and manufacturing.

Pricing remains unchanged in China for the refreshed Model Y. The entry rear-wheel drive Standard Range starts at 263,900 RMB, with the Long Range at 299,900 RMB and Performance at 349,900 RMB.

Deliveries of the updated Model Y are underway, with the changes focused exclusively on vehicles manufactured at Gigafactory Shanghai initially. Tesla continues looking for opportunities to enhance its products while maximizing manufacturing efficiencies.

Subtle revisions like the new textile dash, ambient lighting, and black Gemini wheels may seem minor individually. But together they provide a more personalized, engaging interior and exterior appearance. It’s part of Tesla’s continual drive for improvement, even on existing models.

With demand still surging in China, an upgraded Model Y provides fresh appeal for new buyers while demonstrating value for current owners. Tesla deftly balances enhancing the customer experience with streamlining production. Expect to see these Made-in-China Model Y improvements reach other markets like Europe and North America eventually as well.

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