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Tesla Recalls Over 54,000 Model X Vehicles Due to Brake Fluid Sensor Issue

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According to a new filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Tesla will recall 54,676 Model X vehicles produced between 2021 and 2023 over a potential issue with the brake fluid sensor.

The recall affects certain Model X Long Range and Plaid variants in the US. Tesla says the electrical contacts in the brake fluid level sensor connector may corrode over time, preventing the sensor from triggering the brake fluid warning light on the dashboard cluster even with low fluid.

Without proper brake fluid level monitoring, drivers may experience decreased braking performance without warning due to insufficient fluid in the master cylinder reservoir. This poses a safety risk by compromising braking power assist.

Tesla says they are not aware of any crashes, injuries or deaths related to this issue so far. The automaker will inspect the connector contacts in affected vehicles and apply dielectric grease to prevent corrosion.

The recall comes as consumer appetite for Model X remains strong in the US. Order delivery timelines have extended to 6 months or more, even after Tesla lowered Model X pricing this summer.

In August, Tesla launched a new Standard Range Model X at $10,000 less than the Long Range version. But its reduced 255-269 mile range limits appeal.

With electric vehicle competition heating up, Tesla aims to maintain safety and quality bars that meet the highest standards. Proactive voluntary recalls like this ensure potentially affected vehicles get inspected and fixed quickly.

Overall, Tesla continues setting the pace for responsiveness and transparency when defects arise. Their commitment to fast corrective action reflects dedication to customer service. This brake fluid sensor recall exemplifies that ongoing diligence.

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