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Home » Tesla Opens Orders for Model 3 Highland in UK With Deliveries Starting January 2024

Tesla Opens Orders for Model 3 Highland in UK With Deliveries Starting January 2024


The refreshed Tesla Model 3 Highland is now available for order in the UK, with first deliveries slated for January 2024. Pricing for the rear-wheel drive and long range variants comes in cheaper than existing inventory, making this update a great value for British customers.

Tesla has opens order Refreshed Model 3 in France and in Italy starting at €25,990, two trim levels are offered in Italy – the rear-wheel drive Model 3 Highland starting at €42,490 and the all-wheel drive model 3 Long Range opening at €49,990 before options.

According to Tesla’s UK website, the Model 3 RWD Highland starts at £39,990 while the Long Range version is £49,990. These base prices undercut the outgoing Model 3 rear-wheel drive and dual motor models by around £2,000.

The long anticipated Model 3 update brings revamped exterior styling, new 19-inch wheels, and an improved interior with heated steering wheel and double-paned acoustic glass. Range has also been boosted thanks to Tesla’s new LFP battery cells and efficiency refinements.


Tesla New Refreshed Model 3 Design, Price, SPECS Performance and EPA estimated range

With very limited configuration options, Tesla streamlines production and passes the savings to consumers. The only choice for now is between rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive powertrains.

This Model 3 refresh keeps Tesla’s entry-level sedan feeling fresh against intensifying competition. With increased range and a more premium experience at a lower cost, the Model 3 Highland looks poised to shake up the UK’s EV market.

For British drivers seeking affordable zero-emission performance and cutting-edge technology, the wait for Tesla’s bestseller is nearly over. The Model 3 revamp is set to raise the bar once again.

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