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Home » Qualcomm and Desay SV Unveil New Snapdragon 8295 Powered Intelligent Cockpit G9SH

Qualcomm and Desay SV Unveil New Snapdragon 8295 Powered Intelligent Cockpit G9SH

Desay SV Snapdragon 8295 Powered Intelligent Cockpit G9SH

Qualcomm’s official WeChat public account for China, in collaboration with Desay SV Automotive, has announced the release of an intelligent cockpit (domain control platform) named G9SH.

Desay SV, one of the leading mobility technology companies, is committed to be the preferred partner in mobility transformation. Desay SV’s core business focuses on the efficient integration of the three major areas of smart cabin, smart drive, and smart service. develop highly integrated leading hardware and software algorithms to provide global customers with safe, comfortable, and efficient mobility solutions and services.

According to reports, this cockpit is built on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 (SA8295) platform, which is touted as providing “a solution that combines high performance and cost advantages” to automotive manufacturers.

The Snapdragon 8295 utilizes a 5nm process and integrates the 6th generation Kryo central processing unit (CPU), Hexagon processor, multi-core Qualcomm AI engine, 6th generation Adreno graphics processing unit (GPU), and Spectra image signal processor (ISP). The CPU delivers over 200K DMIPS of computing power, the GPU offers over 3000 GFLOPS of computing power, and the NPU achieves 30 Tops of AI computing power. It also supports WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2.

Qualcomm and Desay SV Automotive have stated that thanks to the Snapdragon 8295 platform, the G9SH intelligent cockpit has seen improvements in CPU, NPU, and GPU performance compared to the previous generation. It also integrates features such as multiple high-definition camera inputs and high-speed Ethernet connectivity to meet the computational needs of automotive companies.

Qualcomm further claims that the third-generation intelligent cockpit domain control platform developed by Desay SV and Qualcomm has achieved mass production. The fourth-generation intelligent cockpit, a result of their collaboration, has already secured orders from multiple projects in the automotive industry and is about to enter mass production.

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