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Honda Unveils Autonomous Cruise Origin Shuttle Co-Developed With GM Cruise

Honda autonomous vehicle Cruise Origin

Honda has unveiled an autonomous vehicle co-developed with GM self-driving subsidiary Cruise, which it aims to launch as a taxi service in Japan in early 2026. Dubbed the Cruise Origin, this electric van-style shuttle features cabin space for up to six passengers and represents a new chapter in Honda’s autonomous driving efforts.

Unveiled at the 2023 Tokyo Motor Show, the Origin combines Honda and Cruise’s expertise in engineering, design and autonomous technology. It has no driver’s seat, instead using integrated Level 4 self-driving capabilities to transport riders.


Open interior space stems from relocating controls to focus on passenger needs. This provides a spacious, “living room-like environment” according to Honda. Cruise Origin also employs a low, flat floor and dual sliding doors on each side for easy access.

Honda has been collaborating with Cruise on autonomous test vehicles since 2021, gaining valuable real-world data. Cruise Origin integrates these learnings into a production model optimized as a driverless shuttle.

Set to launch in 2026 as Honda’s first commercial autonomous mobility service in Japan, the Cruise Origin will offer new transportation options as the company pursues its vision for a more sustainable future. Self-driving shuttles can potentially reduce congestion and emissions in urban areas.

Cruise Origin reveal represents a major milestone for Honda’s self-driving program. While technology development continues, preparing a road-ready vehicle signals confidence in commercial viability within a few years.

Partnering with GM Cruise combines Honda’s manufacturing expertise with an industry leader in autonomous driving software and testing. By pooling resources, the Cruise Origin can leverage cutting-edge innovations from both companies to push mobility forward.

Flexible, spacious interior packages the self-driving technology seamlessly. This futuristic shuttle exemplifies how vehicles can be re-imagined when you remove the human driver from equation.