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Tesla Model Y Claims Top Selling Car Title Again in Europe

Updated Model Y

Showing its immense popularity, the Tesla Model Y finished September as the best-selling car overall in Europe, marks the 6th time in just 9 months that Model Y has achieved the top sales spot.

The electric crossover’s commanding performance propelled it to break the all-time annual sales record in Denmark, previously set in 2013. This demonstrates Model Y’s broad appeal across European markets.

According to daily registration data, the Model Y maintained its sales momentum from last quarter in reporting countries. As Model 3 sales have stalled awaiting the refreshed version, Model Y has carried Tesla’s growth.

Tesla Gears Up For Imminent European Delivery of Upgraded Model 3 Highland

Tesla will rely on record-setting sales in Europe for Q4 to reach its global delivery target of 480,000. Europe will likely need to contribute 110,000+ vehicles, requiring Model Y’s sales rate to hold steady.

With its blend of affordability, sustainability, technology, and practicality, the Model Y has struck a chord across Europe. Even against a deep field of combusion crossover options, it has emerged as the benchmark vehicle.

As Tesla continues expanding its presence across Europe, the Model Y still appears to be just scratching the surface of its potential. With right-hand drive models slated for early next year, its appeal and sales could grow further.

Given persistent economic concerns, Model Y’s value proposition and brand cachet have clearly resonated with mainstream buyers in Europe. Tesla seems poised to increase its domination heading into 2024 as production scales up.

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