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California Governor Gavin Newsom Visits Tesla Giga Shanghai

Gavin Newsom toured Tesla’s Giga Shanghai today

California Governor Gavin Newsom toured Tesla’s Giga Shanghai today, test driving the refreshed Model 3 and underscoring his optimism for the future of autonomous vehicles.

Newsom remarked that Tesla’s China operations showcase a beneficial economic relationship between the U.S. and China. Tesla has helped lead EV adoption worldwide from its Shanghai hub.

During his visit, Newsom stressed his bullish outlook on fully self-driving cars. He noted Tesla’s leadership in AI research at its California headquarters as instrumental for unlocking autonomous transportation.

Newsom has cultivated a largely positive working relationship with Tesla CEO Elon Musk over the years as Governor of California, where Tesla was founded and maintains its main engineering operations.

His visit to Tesla Shanghai and enthusiastic comments about self-driving technology demonstrate continued support for Tesla’s growth as a major U.S. manufacturing and technology exporter.

As Governor of one of Tesla’s most important markets, Newsom embraces the acceleration to sustainable transportation and advancements towards autonomous driving capabilities being pioneered by Tesla.

The Shanghai facility gives Tesla vital production capacity to serve the massive Chinese EV market. Newsom’s visit signals both the global importance of Giga Shanghai and Tesla’s deep ties to California innovation.

While facing some opposition within California, Tesla continues gaining backing from key state leaders like Newsom who recognize its positive impacts providing sustainable transportation solutions and high-tech jobs.

As Tesla works to scale full self-driving technology, government partnerships will remain crucial. Newsom’s vocal vote of confidence underscores promising momentum behind Tesla’s autonomous ambitions despite regulatory hurdles.

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