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Starlink Hits Major Milestone, Reaches Cash Flow Breakeven According to Elon Musk

SpaceX's Starship

Elon Musk shared major Starlink updates on X/Twitter, announcing that the satellite internet network has reached a notable financial milestone.

“Excited to announce that SpaceX Starlink has achieved breakeven cash flow!” Musk tweeted. “Excellent work by a great team.”

Reaching cash flow breakeven is a crucial step that demonstrates Starlink’s financial viability as it continues working to expand global coverage. Most satellite internet constellations in history have gone bankrupt, so SpaceX overcoming this challenge is pivotal.

Starlink aims to provide high-speed, low-latency internet globally through a network of over 3,000 satellites in low Earth orbit. SpaceX has launched over 4,000 Starlink satellites to date – in fact, Starlink now represents the majority of all active satellites in orbit.

“Starlink is also now a majority of all active satellites and will have launched a majority of all satellites cumulatively from Earth by next year,” Musk noted in a follow-up tweet.

This rapid launch pace is key to scaling up Starlink’s capacity and coverage area. While still early, Starlink has already brought internet access to underserved regions across the world, partners with Maersk and Qatar Airways bring high-speed satellite internet, from rural towns to offshore oil rigs.


Starlink’s consumer service currently has over 1.5 million users, expansion plans involve launching Starlink in new markets across the globe in 2024 and beyond, Starlink unveils direct cell starlink to offer satellite cellular connectivity globally.

When asked about Starlink’s pricing on X/Twitter, Musk said it is meant to be the same in all countries, with only taxes and shipping as variables. He did say that SpaceX needs to get through a “deep chasm of negative cash flow” over the next year to make Starlink sustainable long-term.

“Every new satellite constellation in history has gone bankrupt. We hope to be the first that does not,” Musk cautioned.

But if successful, Musk expects Starlink’s costs to improve each year moving forward. He also confirmed Starlink will IPO once cash flow predictions are stable enough to do so.

Bringing internet access to underserved regions and making Starlink financially viable certainly won’t be easy. However, Musk believes the space-based network could one day generate over $30 billion in annual revenue – equivalent to roughly 10% of SpaceX’s valuation.

Starlink reaching cash flow breakeven is a promising indication that SpaceX’s ambitious global internet project is starting to live up to its potential. There’s still a long road ahead, but Musk’s Starlink updates provide reason for optimism about the fledgling network’s future.

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