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Maersk Partners with SpaceX’s Starlink to Bring High-Speed Satellite Internet to Over 330 Vessels


Global shipping giant Maersk has forged a new partnership with SpaceX’s Starlink to provide high-speed satellite internet connectivity across its fleet of over 330 container vessels. This deal marks a major customer win for Starlink’s maritime service as it aims to digitally transform life and work at sea.

By leveraging Starlink terminals mounted on ships, Maersk will be able to deliver blazing fast internet with speeds exceeding 200 Mbps to its crews traveling the world’s oceans. This is a monumental upgrade from the typical 5-10Mbps connections previously available via overloaded geosynchronous satellites.

The ultra-fast, low-latency connectivity will enable seamless video calling, messaging, social media use, online shopping, and entertainment streaming for crews, even in remote waters. Business operations will also benefit through cloud applications, improved systems monitoring, and real-time data transfers.

Maersk notes the upgraded connectivity will be a huge boost for crew welfare, allowing personnel to stay closely connected with family and friends during long stints at sea. The human impact of reliable high-speed internet for seafarers traversing the planet’s most isolated locales cannot be overstated.

Beyond improving life onboard, Starlink integration also helps Maersk progress its fleet digitalization efforts. Leonardo Sonzio, Head of Fleet Management and Technology at Maersk, said: “It will also propel the expansion of seamless cloud solutions, enabling our vision to digitalize our vessel operations.”


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For SpaceX, the major maritime contract further validates Starlink’s broadband capabilities and global appeal. Following regulatory approvals in 2022, the company has been rapidly expanding availability beyond land into aviation, freight shipping, and personal yachting. Partners like Maersk signal strong early demand.

While financial terms were undisclosed, the deal provides Starlink with a stable customer operating hundreds of vessels worldwide. As maritime satellite internet gains steam, Maersk’s adoption ushers in a new era for crews and operators across the industry seeking connected ships.

SpaceX continues pushing Starlink’s capabilities further, enabling new use cases and enhanced coverage. With performance now rivaling physical fiber, robust maritime internet is finally a reality. Maersk’s partnership highlights how revolutionary an impact Starlink promises.

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