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Tesla Cybertruck delivery event invites are going out soon


Exciting news for Tesla fans eagerly awaiting the eccentric Cybertruck – Tesla’s Senior Director of Investor Relations, Martin Viecha, On X/Twitter tweeted that invites will soon be going out for Cybertruck delivery events.

Viecha stated that the random drawing to select invitees has been completed and invites will be sent out “soon(ish).” sets November 30 Cybertruck deliveries at Texas factory, indicates the first round of production Cybertrucks is completion and inaugural customer deliveries are close.

Tesla opened Cybertruck pre-orders in 2019 after the highly publicized reveal where both the truck’s unusual angular design and “unbreakable” windows became a viral sensation. Musk also revealed Tesla now has over 1 million Cybertruck reservations, confirming major preorder demand.

But the radical CYbertruck’s production and deliveries timeline has been pushed back multiple times since, from late 2021 to now 2023. The invite drawing hints Tesla is finally gearing up for the inaugural batch.

Tesla Cybertruck

As Viecha playfully suggested, invitees who don’t have a +1 in mind should consider bringing along a fellow Tesla community member to share in the moment. Rideshares, forums, and social media groups have allowed Tesla owners to connect over their passion.

With Tesla still working through early production kinks, initial Cybertrucks will likely go to reservation holders closest to Tesla’s Giga Texas. But it’s expected that volume production will rapidly scale up through 2025 to fulfill pre-orders.

The Cybertruck promises impressive performance with a 3 second 0-60 mph time on higher trims. Its adaptive air suspension can adjust ride height by 4 inches. The exoskeleton body is made of ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless steel.

Once deliveries begin, focus will turn to seeing how the radical Cybertruck performs in the real world. Will its futuristic styling be a hit or miss amongst buyers? Can it live up to Tesla’s claims of being the most capable pickup truck ever?

For now, soon-to-be Cybertruck owners eagerly awaiting their invite can enjoy knowing they’ll be among the very first to experience Tesla’s most ambitious vehicle yet. The journey from reveal to reality has been long, but the Cybertruck is finally poised to hit public roads.

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