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Tesla Sets November 30 Cybertruck Deliveries at Texas Factory


Tesla has officially announced the long-awaited Cybertruck will begin initial deliveries on November 30th out of Gigafactory Texas. The company shared the targeted start date along with a Cybertruck delivery event poster.

CEO Elon Musk confirmed production is still tracking for late 2023 despite delays. First deliveries being slated for November 30th right before year-end underscores Tesla’s confidence.

Cybertruck’s polarizing angular design and adaptive exoskeleton body has fueled incredible demand, with over 2 million pre-orders placed as of September 2023. Tesla seems poised to fulfill strong preorder interest as production scales up.

The Texas Gigafactory’s initial Cybertruck capacity is set at around 125,000 units annually according to Tesla. The company is also targeting massive hiring in Texas, planning for over 60,000 employees once the pickup line is fully operational.

This enormous hiring push reflects ambitions to scale Cybertruck output rapidly based on what is likely to be intense initial demand for the much-hyped model.

Tesla Cybertruck

As the company’s first pickup offering, Cybertruck represents Tesla’s entry into an extremely lucrative market dominated by legacy automakers. Its rugged adaptive exoskeleton, long range, and starting $49,900 price point make Cybertruck an intriguing option.

With deliveries weeks away, Cybertruck mania is likely to reach a fever pitch after a 3-year wait since its announcement. Tesla will initially focus on fulfilling preorders rather than new reservations as production ramps up into 2024 and beyond.

The countdown is officially on for the most anticipated Tesla product since the Model 3. Come November 30th, the Cybertruck becomes real at last.