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Tesla Removes Cash Discounts, Now Offers Free Supercharging for Referrals

Tesla Offers Free Supercharging for Referrals

Tesla has refreshed its referral program, shifting away from cash discounts to free charging incentives. Now, customers who purchase a Model 3 or Model Y using a referral code will receive 6 months of free unlimited Supercharging.

Previously, referrals would grant buyers a $250 discount on their new Tesla. But free charging perks could save owners more money in the long run, depending on driving and charging habits.

Referral recipients who buy or lease a Model S or Model X will get 3 months of free access to Tesla’s Full Self-Driving software upgrade, allows experience of Tesla’s autonomous driving features like Navigate on Autopilot, Advanced Summon, and Autopark.

The value of 6 months free Supercharging or 3 months of FSD will generally exceed the old $250 discount amount. Tesla likely aims to have the referral perks incentivize vehicle usage and highlight capabilities to new owners.

As before, those providing referrals will continue to receive 10k credits, redeemable on any Tesla vehicle associated with their account.

The shift in referral bonuses comes as Tesla begins another big push to expand sales and deliveries in the Q4 of 2023. Referrals have proven one of Tesla most effective sales tactics, leveraging satisfied owners to promote buying the brand.

Current Tesla owners are some of the company’s biggest advocates. Providing free charging and software access could get new owners excited to showcase the electric cars.

Tesla also occasionally offers other limited-time referral incentives, like chances to win a Founders Series Model Y or Model S Plaid, creation of referral programs and bonuses highlights Tesla’s grassroots, community-driven approach to marketing.

As the brand aims to make electric vehicle adoption mainstream, tapping into customer networks will be important. Tesla’s referral program creates a sales force of brand loyalists.

The perks of 6 months free charging and FSD trials could capture new buyers’ interest. Tesla hopes to ramp both awareness and favorable experiences through referrals.

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