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Tesla Cybertruck Buyers Face 1-Year No Resale Restriction

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla is placing strict limits on reselling the hotly anticipated Cybertruck within the first year of ownership, buried in recent purchase agreements from another models, Tesla states that Cybertruck buyers will be prohibited from reselling their truck for one year after delivery.

The resale restriction clause has been discovered in the fine print under a section titled “Applicable to Cybertruck Only.” This no-resale provision aims to deter buyers from quickly flipping their Cybertrucks for a profit amid huge demand.

If a Cybertruck owner needs to sell within the first year, they must notify Tesla in writing and give the company the option to buy back the truck. Tesla can repurchase the Cybertruck at the original purchase price minus $0.25 per mile driven and adjustments for wear and damage.

If Tesla declines the buyback offer, the owner may then seek written consent from Tesla to sell to a third party buyer instead. However, the company reserves the right to refuse sales of future vehicles to the Cybertruck seller as punishment for violating the policy.

Tesla has utilized similar no-resale clauses before on limited edition vehicles like the Roadster and Model X Founders Series. This deters buyers from instantly profiting by flipping highly desired cars for more money.

The one-year resale restriction will apply to all configurations of the Cybertruck – Single Motor, Dual Motor, and Tri Motor. Interest in the futuristic pickup truck has been intense despite no final reveal of the production version.

Cybertruck Delivery Event shareholder lottery

Earlier this week, Tesla notified Cybertruck reservation holders that it has completed a delivery event invite lottery, Tesla will soon send out golden tickets for a November 30th delivery event at Gigafactory Texas where the first production Cybertrucks will be handed over.

Given huge preorder demand, the initial delivery allocations will be small compared to the over 2 million reservations. Limiting first-year resales prevents buyers from profiting on limited production capacity.

The no-resale clause has sparked mixed reactions from Cybertruck fans on forums, some believe the restriction seems unfair and too controlling. But others argue it’s reasonable to prevent price gouging and give more buyers a chance to purchase the hot commodity truck.

Similar contract terms have held up in court before, like when Ford sued a buyer who quickly resold a rare Ford GT sports car in violation of an agreement, case settled confidentially.

For Tesla, the Cybertruck order contract aims to reward long-term owners rather than opportunistic flippers. While resale limits may frustrate some buyers hoping to make a quick buck on their Cybertruck, Tesla believes it will create fairness in access to the revolutionary electric truck.

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