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Mercedes-Benz Launches First 8-Vehicle 400kW EV Charging Hub in North America

Mercedes-Benz has opened EV charging hub

Mercedes-Benz has opened its first electric vehicle charging hub in North America, providing high-speed charging for up to 16 vehicles simultaneously, partnership with MN8 Energy, the hub aims to deliver a premium charging experience.

The Mercedes-Benz Charging Hub features eight charging stations, each equipped with two 400kW connectors supplied by ChargePoint, massive 3.2MW capacity enables ultra-fast charging for modern EVs at rates up to 500kW.

Currently, the fastest charging EVs on the market such as the Lucid Air and Hyundai Ioniq 5 support speeds up to 350kW, the hub’s 400kW chargers future-proof for upcoming models.

Modern charging hub includes solar-paneled canopy structures to provide shade and lighting, helps passively generate clean energy.

Inside the lounge area, customers can relax on comfortable seating and access vending machines and refreshments while their vehicle charges. Restrooms are also available, enhancing comfort during charging stops.

An uncovered drive-through charging spot is designed specifically for large electric trucks or vehicles with trailers up to 26 feet long, flexibility caters to a wide range of EV sizes and shapes.

According to Mercedes-Benz, the hub creates “a new benchmark for premium EV charging” by blending cutting-edge charging technology with an upscale customer experience.

As automakers ramp up their electric lineups, demand for premium high-speed charging hubs like this will continue rising.

The introduction of the first 400kW EV hub in North America represents a milestone in enabling short, convenient charging pit stops on long-distance electric road trips. As EV adoption accelerates, expect ultra-fast charging oases like this to emerge nationwide.

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