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SpaceX has released a 1:150 Scale Starship and Super Heavy Chrome model


SpaceX has announced it will be releasing intricately detailed 1:150 scale display models of its Starship spacecraft and Super Heavy rocket, high-end chrome-plated models will begin shipping to customers in Q2 2024.

The Starship model stands around 13 inches tall and weighs approximately 900 grams, Super Heavy model measures 18.75 inches tall and weighs 2.35 pounds. Sold separately, the models can be connected to showcase the full Starship stack.

Pricing is set at $499 for Super Heavy and $299 for Starship, or $799 for the pair.


Crafted with extreme attention to accuracy and detail, the desktop models offer SpaceX fans and collectors the chance to own a miniaturized replica of the actual 400-foot Starship and booster system set to revolutionize spaceflight.

The 1:150 scale translates the towering vehicles into impressive conversation pieces suitable for home or office display, precisely engineered models feature high-quality metal plating with chrome finishes that mimic the look of the real-life stainless steel Starship and Super Heavy.

Initially available only to employees, SpaceX received overwhelming demand to make the Starship models available to the public based on employee posts revealing the promotional items.

This led SpaceX to announce the limited pre-sale of the chrome display models shipping next year. Quantities are expected to be restricted given the intricate design, production, and assembly work involved.

As the world awaits the orbital test flight of the full-scale Starship and Super Heavy, the desktop models provide a collectible sneak peek at the future of space travel.

The level of engineering and sheer size of the actual rockets is hard to grasp without seeing them up close, 1:150 scale models offer that tangibility while capturing every detail in a refined desk display.

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