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Lexus Unveils More Affordable RZ 300e Electric SUV with 600km Range

Lexus RZ-300e

Lexus is expanding electric options with the all-new RZ 300e SUV revealed today. Slotting below the dual-motor flagship RZ 450e as a more affordable single-motor variant, the RZ 300e promises 600km of range from its unspecified battery capacity. At a base price of 8,200,000 Japanese Yen, it offers a second gateway into Lexus’ developing EV portfolio.

Visually, the RZ 300e adopts its twin’s sleek styling with a sealed front grille and side floating roofline effect. Spanning 4805mm long riding on a 2850mm wheelbase, dimensions stay consistent with the 450e to maintain comparable passenger space. Interior layout also carries over, with buyers choosing from three color schemes and optional luxury accents like a Mark Levinson audio system.

Motivation comes from a 150kW front motor generating 266Nm of torque. While battery specs remain confidential, Lexus quotes a healthy WLTC-cycle range of 599km when fitted with 18-inch wheels, dedicated front-drive platform also enables a reworked rear suspension for riding comfort.

And the RZ 300e adds clever cold weather optimizations like rapid battery heating to reduce charging timelosses from freezing temps. Handy for chillier regions, smart thermal controls further broaden this electric Lexus’ appeal.

Underneath both RZ models, the new e-TNGA architecture provides an ideal white sheet for crafting bespoke battery-electric vehicles. By engineering dedicated platforms unfettered by legacy combustion components, Lexus can stretch legs into envisioning products shaped around emerging lifestyles.

While the RZ 300e won’t eclipse Teslas on raw performance, its refined Lexus design targeting eco-conscious urban commuting and families still stands apart from the overly techy mainstream EV crowd.

As luxury brands follow leaders like Mercedes, Audi and BMW in mapping electric routes, 2024 RZ twins underscore Lexus’ ambitions claiming its rightful place within that still-nascent future. If the 300e entices new groups of customers into experiencing refined EV driving for the first time, Lexus may surprise naysayers writing them off.

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