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Tesla Reveals Final Cybertruck Pricing Starting at $60,990 with Range Extender Details


Tesla has announced long-awaited final pricing and range specs for anticipated Cybertruck reservations, including a curious “range extender” option enabling over 470 miles capacity on higher-spec models. Alongside a cheaper 250-mile RWD trim at $60,990 before credits, AWD and “Cyberbeast” variants see $79,990 and $99,990, respectively. Musk also confirmed the bed-mounted extender as a partial external module.

Tesla Cybertruck range

Within his Twitter reveal, Musk clarified frequently asked questions regarding the previously teased Tesla-made extender promising massive gains: “Optional pack that fits in about 1/3 of the truck bed. Still room for plenty of cargo. It’s meant for very long trips or towing heavy things up mountains.”

cybertruck range extender

So rather than an internal combustion engine as some outlets speculated, the module will occupy partial rear bed space to preserve hauling utility. Little else is confirmed regarding its form or function. Yet the ability to refuel range via Tesla’s vast Supercharger network seems plausible, especially given language citing extreme towing scenarios.

Cybertruck options now listed also include 25+ accessories enabling customization and personalization. From protective films and paint finishes to rugged crossbars or tailgate ramps, the catalogue suggests strong profit potential custom-fitting trucks to niche applications through proprietary upgrades. Even basic wheel covers fetch $75 each – hinting at Musk’s gifting focus beyond mere transportation towards “lifestyle” embodiment.

Peeking behind the scenes on Twitter, Elon shared glimpses of Giga Texas’ active Cybertruck production lines coming online through year-end 2023 for initial customer deliveries. Alongside congratulating internal teams profusely for manifesting 2019’s flagship reveal into reality, Musk’s photo cements the radical EV pickup as far more than speculative prototype.

Withreservations requiring $100 downpayments now nearing 1.5+ million units, Tesla seems guaranteed lucrative returns on investment recouping R&D costs through mid-decade or beyond. Especially given Musk continues holding firm on keeping prices in check despite years of parts/materials/labor inflation since the electric pickup’s debut.

Between finalized specs, accessory reveals and manufacturing shots, Elon Musk sounds increasingly bullish on commencing his company’s most outrageous automotive endeavor by summer 2023. Buckle up for the next rollercoaster chapter!

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