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Canaccord: 1 in 3 Surveyed Want Buy Tesla Cybertruck, Rating $267 Price Target


Financial firm Canaccord Genuity recently published bullish Tesla research retaining a “Buy” rating and $267 price target. Note spotlighted a Cybertruck purchase intent survey with surprisingly positive interest. As radical designs polarize opinions, what might strong demand for Tesla’s angular pickup imply?

Canaccord’s cyber-styled truck survey garnered Tesla’s highest participation and purchase intent yet. A sizable one-third of respondents stated they would buy the Cybertruck upon launch, final pricing starting at $60,990. Analysts conceded the enthusiasm exceeded their expectations.

The cyberpunk-inspired aesthetics captivate lifestyle buyers dominating today’s truck market. Additionally, the spaceship silhouette may lure non-conventional truck consumers and other vehicle segment defectors – much like the avant-garde Model Y expanded Tesla’s addressable audience.

No doubt the Cybertruck’s origami- angles elicit intensely mixed reactions. Its geometric profile repels traditional truck buyers craving butch, brute machismo. Yet for youthful, tech-savvy consumers, the forward-flying wedge checks every box. And love it or hate it, the design dominates attention like no rival.

With production ramp still unclear, can Tesla sustain interest and convert pre-orders into sales? Much relies on manufacture timing and initial quality perceptions. But amid alt-vehicle shortage, the influx of radical new models signals strong pent-up demand.

In the end, breaking conventions always proves risky. But the Cybertruck wager crystallizes Tesla’s strategy – forgoing focus groups, Elon Musk creates vehicles he personally desires. And his instincts to disrupt often align with untapped demand.

What’s your take – does the Cybertruck broaden Tesla’s horizon? Or does overconfidence risk sales shortfalls and reputational damage? Share your perspective @GearMusk on X/Twitter!

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