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CNBC Explores the Cybertruck’s Radical Manufacturing Challenges


Ever since Tesla’s Cybertruck smashed onto the scene with its angular metal body and armored glass windows (before famously cracking two of them onstage), Elon Musk’s audacious pickup has captivated observers. Now CNBC spotlights the lesser-seen obstacles Tesla overcame to ready its Blade Runner-inspired truck for production in a fresh 15-minute YouTube video: “Why Tesla’s Cybertruck is So Hard to Manufacture.”

Featuring insightful commentary from manufacturing experts including professor Pingsha Dong, the video highlights the Cybertruck’s unprecedented design and construction. Dong emphasizes how reinventing nearly every facet of conventional auto production, from the exterior shape to the exoskeleton framework to the gullwing doors, posed steep hurdles for Tesla’s engineers. As he notes, over 90% of the manufacturing approach substantially diverges from standard industry techniques – an immense challenge necessitating major innovations.

Examining the origins of the Cybertruck’s ultra-hard 30X stainless steel alloy then documenting the custom roll forming, press bending, and laser cutting equipment created for its unique unibody, CNBC reveals the extreme efforts expended for this radically different machine. One striking example: the 9,000-ton press custom-built to form the truck’s rear underbody section, eliminating hundreds of parts and welds. The report also highlights Tesla’s collaboration with Elon Musk’s SpaceX to borrow expertise in advanced alloys from rocket production.

Response from early Cybertruck examination centers around pleasant surprises at its refinement. A top-rated comment under the YouTube video praises its slick in-person styling, unlike its distorted appearance in photos. Clearly Tesla overcame steep odds to ready its MKBHD-dubbed “alien technology” pickup for its impending limited-run Foundation series launch.

With GMC’s electric Hummer fast approaching, the battle over futuristic electric truck supremacy enters a fever pitch. But CNBC’s peek behind the curtain of Cybertruck’s birth makes clear that Tesla retains an innovation edge. They’ve solved intricate puzzles that leave rivals still scratching their heads. The Cybertruck era dawns this 2024.

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