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Starlink Satellite Now Offered at Costco and 2 months of service free


SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service is now offered at Costco. Both the standard $599 terminal kit and the new $2,499 High Performance variant can be purchased online and in warehouses. Costco members even score two free months of Starlink service with their purchase.

What Starlink kits does Costco carry?

Costco shoppers can choose between two hardware options:

  • Standard Kit – $599 Includes dish, router, cables & power supply.
  • High Performance Kit – $2,499 Larger dish with higher performance antenna. Also adds premium WiFi router.

Both kits come with everything needed for installation. The High Performance variant targets customers needing greater speeds and reliability like enterprises and power users.

On top of Costco’s legendary return policy, members get two free months of Starlink service. The credit applies to both residential and RV connections. This perk helps offset the upfront hardware cost.

Starlink costs $110 per month. So Costco members effectively save $220 off the standard kit’s price.

Partnering with Costco expands Starlink’s retail availability beyond its own website. Costco’s warehouses drive significant foot traffic with loyal members. This presents a perfect venue for demonstrating Starlink kits in person.

For SpaceX, widened brick-and-mortar access helps increase Starlink adoption, offering a premium High Performance variant caters to users willing to pay more for quality internet. As Starlink expands globally, the Costco partnership provides a valuable retail channel in the service’s home country.

Between flexible return policies and free service credits, Costco improves the overall Starlink buying experience. This marks a notable retail milestone for SpaceX as Starlink transitions from niche to mainstream.

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