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SpaceX Unveils Next-Gen Starlink Satellite Terminal With Enhanced Durability


SpaceX has revealed its next-generation Starlink terminal which features a slimmer, more portable design and improved specifications for performance in extreme conditions, new hardware comes alongside an upgraded Gen 3 Starlink router.

Gone are the bulky motors of the previous dish models, next-gen Starlink terminal has a streamlined profile enabled by electronic phased array antenna technology that requires only simple manual positioning, check out full specs from starlink page.

Weighing under 7 pounds with the included stand, the terminal’s low-profile shape and lack of protruding motors makes it far easier to mount and transport. SpaceX states it has a 10% wider field of view versus the prior terminal.


The durable construction complies with IP67 waterproofing standards, meaning it can withstand immersion in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. SpaceX says the terminal can operate in winds of over 60 mph, increased from 50 mph on older models.

The provided Starlink router Gen 3 offers faster speeds and expanded Wi-Fi coverage for homes and businesses. It connects to the terminal via a custom waterproof RJ45 cable rather than the proprietary connectors on earlier SpaceX terminals.

Pairing the next-gen hardware with ongoing improvements to the Starlink satellite constellation will provide users with fast, reliable broadband internet access even in extreme weather conditions or remote locations.

SpaceX states the highly compact next-gen terminal opens the door to enabling mobility applications in vehicles, aircraft, and boats in the future, Starlink hits major milestone, reaches cash flow breakeven according to Elon Musk. Streamlined hardware could make transporting Starlink-powered internet anywhere much easier compared to past antenna models.

As SpaceX continues launching satellites to achieve global coverage, introducing weather-resistant user hardware like the next-gen terminal will be key to making Starlink viable for consumers and businesses worldwide.

The new dish, router, and cabling demonstrate SpaceX’s rapid evolution toward durable, user-friendly hardware that unleashes the full capability of its massive satellite constellation overhead. More advances in the user experience will be vital as Starlink expands service globally.

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