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Tesla Teams Up With Uber to Subsidize EV Purchases Model 3 and Model Y for Drivers

tesla Teams Up With Uber

In an effort to accelerate electric vehicle adoption, Tesla has collaborated with Uber to roll out enticing purchase incentives for rideshare drivers, new promotion running through the end of 2023, offers drivers up to $3,000 off new Tesla vehicles like the Model 3 and Model Y.

Dubbed the “2023-2024 Tesla Promotion,” rideshare drivers across Uber’s tiers can qualify for discounts based on their tier status and delivery timing. Blue and Gold tier drivers receive $1,000 off their purchase if they take delivery by December 31st, 2023 and complete 100 trips by February 15th, 2024. Meanwhile, Platinum and Diamond tier drivers get boosted discounts of $2,000 and $3,000 respectively for purchases and deliveries made in December.

Offer applies to new inventory Model 3 and Model Y crossovers purchased directly from Tesla, drivers can also select from Tesla vehicles available on Uber’s Vehicle Marketplace site, which simplifies the EV research and buying process.

To redeem the purchase incentives, drivers must follow a few key steps during the order and ownership journey:

  • Use Tesla’s exclusive “Tesla for Drivers on Uber” referral link when ordering their vehicle. This triggers the promotion for subsequent discount eligibility.
  • Take delivery by the tier-specific deadline (December 31st for Blue/Gold, December 2023 for Platinum/Diamond).
  • Add the new Tesla to their Uber driver profile and register the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • Complete 100 trips on the Uber platform in the purchased Tesla by February 15, 2024. Trip cancellations do not count towards the 100 trip minimum.

With ride volumes expected to climb in 2023, this Tesla incentive program comes at an opportune time for drivers seeking a new electric ride. And by partnering with Uber to subsidize purchases, Tesla wins by tapping into a key high-mileage vehicle market.

The collaboration reflects the accelerating popularity of Tesla electric cars serving rideshare and taxi duty worldwide. Integrated cameras and robust drivetrains prove ideal for minimizing operating costs per mile. And with ride volumes poised to rebound post-pandemic, EV operating savings directly boost driver earnings.

For Uber drivers charged with shuttling passengers across cities 24/7, that’s an equation too good to pass up. Especially when up to $3,000 in Tesla purchase discounts further sweeten the deal.

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