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Tesla Cybertruck Owners, Budget for Pricey Tire and Wiper Swaps


While Tesla Cybertruck turns heads with its angular stainless steel body and imposing size, future owners may balk at replacement costs for key components, parts pricing details revealed the all-terrain tires and windshield wiper hardware don’t come cheap.

Let’s break down the damage:

  • Cybertruck Tires – $470 per tire
    The Cybertruck rolls on massive 35-inch Goodyear Wrangler Territory RT tires, sized at 285/65R20. Replacing just one of these hardcore rubber beasts will set you back nearly $500 a pop before labor. And with their rugged off-road intentions, punctures and wear could become common.
  • Single Wiper Arm & Blade – $165 To clear the Cybertruck’s massive windshield span, its aerodynamic wiper measures over 4 feet long. As a complex electro-mechanical assembly, replacing this singular wiper component costs a hefty $165. Compare that to $20 – $40 for ordinary passenger car wiper inserts.
  • Windshield Replacement – $2,300 (estimated) Cracking or chipping the Cybertruck’s giant curved windshield will really take a bite out of your wallet. The glass itself exceeds $1,900 before professional installation. With labor, expect a bill approaching $2,300 or more per swap. Of course, most drivers won’t face windshield replacement frequently, but the part cost remains jarring.

The key question around wipers is longevity – will the Cybertruck’s blade withstand years of use clearing that vast glass surface without needing premature replacement? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, hopeful Cybertruck buyers should budget extra for the inevitable wear items like tires and wipers. The outsized proportions of Tesla’s functional-art flagship come with equally oversized replacement costs when accidents or maintenance arise. Nothing a few cyberbank account deposits can’t offset though!

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