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Tesla Cybertruck Deliveries Pushed as Pre-Orders Surge


Eager preorder holders hungry for their Cybertrucks just had their electric dreams derailed slightly. Tesla recently updated estimated delivery timeframes for the sold-out “Foundation Series” models, with the flagship tri-motor Cyberbeast variant sliding to mid/late 2024, delay hints at way more early demand than anticipated.

Previous guidance targeted the range-topping Cyberbeast configuration for deliveries in early 2024. But fresh updates relayed to reservation holders push that enthusiast-centric model out 6+ months. Dual and single motor Cybertrucks also saw smaller delays, now landing between January and March next year.

This surprising timeline shift suggests Tesla vastly underestimated demand among hardcore fans. Early pricing for the limited Foundation Series required a $7,000+ order fee on top of insane Cybertruck specs and styling. Yet masses clearly ignored the premium, flocking to lock in place in line.

Owning the very first batch fits the early adopter mantra after all, with Tesla limiting volumes to perhaps 1,000 initially, buyers rightfully worried about losing out for 2024 builds, order book obviously overflowed regardless, spurring Tesla to push targets while it scales production.

Some may interpret the Cyberbeast delivery delays as reflecting manufacturing issues. But reassuringly, no Foundation Series holders have reported canceled reservations yet. In fact Tesla’s public site still advertises 2024 as the Cybertruck launch window across all three variants.

The reasonable conclusion then is that pre-orders wildly eclipsed plans, compelling Tesla to push timetables rather than bottleneck output flows, also indicates management opted to maximize revenue by expanding 2023 allocations beyond the limited Founder builds.

While minor frustrations arise for early backers, this ultimately signals strong faith in the Cybertruck’s radical vision. Elevated demand increases confidence that Tesla can pull off mass-producing the futuristic truck profitably. And a delayed Cyberbeast still handily outguns any diesel dinosaur in aesthetics and technology today.

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