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Teslas with Ultrasonic Sensors Will Get High-Fidelity Park Assist Feature as Well

Tesla AutoPark Assist

Tesla drivers are getting an exciting holiday surprise this year with the latest OTA software update – High-Fidelity Park Assist is being released! This advanced parking assistance feature uses camera data to enable cars to parallel park and reverse park with ease in tight spaces. Smooth parking maneuvers with just a tap.

Originally announced by Elon Musk earlier this year, High-Fidelity Park Assist has been highly anticipated. But up until now, the feature was only available in Tesla vehicles produced after 2022 that have the onboard camera system but lack ultrasonic sensors. So what about older Teslas with ultrasonic sensors (USS)? Will they get to experience the magic of High-Fidelity park technology too?

According to Ashok Elluswamy, Director of Autopilot at Tesla, the answer is yes! In response to the holiday software update announcement, Ashok confirmed: “Yes, it should eventually go to cars that have ultrasonic sensors as well.” This is great news for owners of older Tesla vehicles. It means that sleek, precision parking abilities could soon be available via over-the-air update regardless of if your car has USS.

No exact timeline has been shared yet for when pre-2022 Teslas will get High-Fidelity. But now we know the future looks bright and an easy, breezy parking experience is on the horizon for ultrasonic sensor-equipped vehicles too. High-fidelity smarts for all!

Have you tried out High-Fidelity Park Assist yet in your post-2022 USS-less Tesla? Or are you eagerly waiting for your older ultrasonic sensor car to get this cool new feature? follow us on X @gearmusk let us know your experiences!

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